5 Reasons Why You Need Laser Tattoo Removal

Back in college, that infinity symbol you got tattooed on the back of your neck probably seemed like a good idea. In it’s a spot where no one will see it, unless you want them to. You’ve got long hair to cover it up, right?

Fast forward 20 years, and you’ve got two kids under 5 and a nine-to-five job that has you burning the candle at both ends. To simplify things, you head to the salon with your sights set on a short, sassy new ‘do. But wait. If you cut your hair, your college-era tattoo will show. Everyone at work will see it, and company policy calls for body art to be covered up.

So unless you want to wear turtlenecks all year, you should consider laser tattoo removal. The process is simple, effective and completely safe.

Here are four other reasons you might want to consider tattoo removal at New Look Vein and Aesthetic Center.

1. Love that doesn’t last

Love gone wrong is perhaps the most common reason to have a tattoo removed. You think you’re going to stay in a relationship forever, but at some point, things go south and you’re left with your former flame’s name emblazoned on your body. Probably not a person you want to think about on a daily basis.

2. You got it for the wrong reasons.

If you got a tattoo to annoy your parents, it probably doesn’t mean a lot to you. And chances are good your mom and dad have long since moved past your rebellious phase. Just a glance at your ill-advised artwork could bring back memories of a time you might want to forget about altogether.

3. It’s not cool anymore.

Get a tribal arm band tattoo back in the 90s? If you did, you’re certainly not alone. Distinctive tattoos like these makes it clear you jumped on a bandwagon with everyone else in your fraternity. It might be time to say good-bye to old trends.

4.  The band broke up.

You were absolutely certain your band was destined for greatness. Turns out you were wrong. Your band broke up three weeks after you inked its name across your calf. Laser tattoo removal might be something to consider unless you want to spend the rest of your life explaining why your band never made it big.

For these reasons and many others, we’re glad to include this service among our aesthetic surgery and cosmetic services like BOTOX, Latisse and various types of dermal filler. To learn more about our services, please give us a call at (314) 272-4150.