Aching Acne

AcneAcne, also known as Acne vulgaris, is an extremely common human skin disease involving patches of scaly red skin, black heads and white heads, pimples and pus filled papules. Acne affects the areas with the highest density of sebaceous follicles, generally the face, neck, upper chest and back. Acne most commonly affects adolescents, with 80-90% of young adults experiencing it. The reason for the common burst of acne amongst adolescents is due to sudden raise in androgens (such as testosterone) during puberty.


As teenagers and young adults, being afflicted with severe acne can have long lasting effects on self esteem and confidence, often bleeding over into adult life. Unfortunately, even if the acne begins to subside after adolescence, it is not always the end of the physical effects. Acne scarring can be very evident, and leaves a permanent impression on the areas affected by acne well into adulthood. Anyone can be affected with these sorts of scars – there are even many celebrities who have suffered with surprisingly noticeable acne scarring. Fortunately with today’s technology there are many different treatment options for skin deep imperfections like acne scarring. The New Look Vein and Aesthetics Center in St. Louis uses the best technology and the most experienced clinicians in order to achieve the results their patient’s desire.


Acne affects almost everybody, and it is something that is not very easy to just solve. Despite what you may see, a lot of celebrities even suffer from acne – the massive amounts of makeup and foundation they were cover it up very well. In fact, due to their busy schedules revolving around acne, and the associated stress and potential for bad life habits, many celebrities actually suffer from particularly bad acne. Cameron Diaz, a very well-known Hollywood actress, suffers from the frequent eruption of acne on her face, which can often even be seen underneath the layers of makeup. Other celebrities who suffer from quite bad acne are often caught out by the existing acne scarring. Whilst there are the typical examples of vicious acne scarring like in the case of Edward James Olmos, who suffered from a severe case of cystic acne on his cheeks and foreheads, and comedian Bill Murray, who suffered from a similar condition when younger, there are other more stereotypically beautiful actors who also have acne scars. A regular feature in most beautiful people lists, Megan Fox is one celebrity who, despite her acne scarring, is still regularly described as beautiful.


The good news is that there are many methods of healing this form of acne scarring. As the premier aesthetic treatment centre in St. Louis, The New Look Vein and Aesthetics Center is helmed by Dr. Raffi Krikorian. At the new vein aesthetic centre in St. Louis, Dr. Krikorian is very experienced in different aesthetic procedures, such as the dermabrasion and skin laser treatments that are the main treatments for acne scarring. This simple and effective treatment has little down time and is not invasive. Organise an appointment today, and Dr. Krikorian will go through your medical history, current health and explain the procedure, before you book your appointment to complete the procedure. The New Look Vein and Aesthetics Center in St. Louis has had many happy clients and customers and for good reason – experience and professionalism equal good results.