All About Bellafill

ArteFill Facts

Conventional temporary injectable wrinkle fillers eventually are absorbed by your body, rendering the lifespan of your wrinkle filler work relatively short. There is a new wrinkle injectable solution that is safe, with long-lasting effectiveness, and requires a simple in-office appointment.

ArteFill is Long Lasting

ArteFill is a long lasting wrinkle injectable that uses unique microspheres that are not absorbed by your body. ArteFill helps your skin produce collagen that helps keep your skin looking and feeling natural over the long term, providing the opportunity for a complete liquid face lift.

The microspheres of ArteFill are comprised of microspheres of polymethylmethacrylate, which are cleaned – known by the acronym PMMA. These are suspended in bovine collagen. The clinical development phase of ArteFill required 20 years to eliminate most side effects to achieve the same safety standards as current hyaluronic acid products.  A five-year study has revealed that ArteFill has shown the same wrinkle improvement from day one over a six-month period. This means there are less follow-up appointments and injections to maintain the desired results.

Approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006, ArteFill is the first permanent injectable filler for nasolabial folds. ArteFill treatments improve over the course of time, as your body does not absorb the microspheres. The injectable treatment enjoys an excellent safety profile, and reports a 90% physician and patient approval rating. The treatment process is simple, and requires only a single in-office appointment. You’ll be on your way without any impediment or residual pain. The best thing is that the results are immediate, and improve over the following weeks and months. Unlike temporary injectables, the ArteFill permanent injectable requires far less follow-up treatments to maintain the desired effect of the patient.

If you are in Missouri or the greater St. Louis metropolitan area and are investigating injectable wrinkle filler procedures, a good place to begin your research and consultation is with the New Look Vein and Aesthetic Centre located in St. Louis and five other locations across Missouri and Illinois. The friendly and professional physicians are led by owner, Dr. Raffi Krikorian, MD. FACC, RVT, RPVI.

Is ArteFill Right For You?

New Look Vein and Aesthetic Centre can help you determine if the ArteFill permanent injectable treatment is for you. This new, safe injectable is longer lasting than temporary injectables, and is a more economical treatment due to requiring less repeat procedures in order to maintain the right look.

ArteFill helps your skin feel natural and healthy, leaving you looking vibrant, natural, and beautiful. Over 20 years of clinical studies and patient trials have gone into making ArteFill a safe, effective, long-lasting, and convenient winkle solution.

The staff of New Look Vein and Aesthetic Centre can help you determine if ArteFill is right for you.  You can receive a consultation to evaluate your case. If you are looking for a longer lasting wrinkle eliminator, that leaves your skin looking and feeling natural and resplendent, ArteFill is the right treatment. The unique PMMA microspheres give ArteFill its advantage in that your body does not absorb the materials, and that the microspheres help your body produce the natural collagen that helps maintain a healthy skin.