Botox Lets You Say ‘Bring On The Birthdays!’

You’ve had more birthdays than you care to count, and your skin is proving it lately.  You’ve noticed deepening horizontal lines across your forehead, crow’s feet around your eyes, lines beginning around your lips, and the dreaded “11” between your eyebrows.   But your mind and spirit still feel 20 years younger than you are, and you’d like your face to reflect that.  You’ve tried countless wrinkle creams, and even the most expensive ones just don’t make much of a difference.  You owe it to yourself to look as young as you feel.  And Botox is the answer for many women.


Botox is made from a toxin, and this scares many people from considering it.  But when used in small doses, Botox is an amazing treatment for erasing facial wrinkles.  Botox weakens or paralyzes muscles in the body by blocking certain nerves, and its effects can last up to four months.


How Botox Injections From Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis Can Erase Your Worries


Because the muscles in the forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth area are used so frequently, wrinkles form as a result of nerve cells that have essentially been “trained” to tell these muscles to contract, and over time, these habitual muscle contractions begin to stay contracted.  Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis injects Botox directly in these muscles to block the signals from nerves that keep telling these muscles to contract.  This allows these muscles to relax, which then smoothes the wrinkles they have caused.  With these wrinkles virtually erased, your skin looks years younger, brighter and significantly healthier.


If I Opt For Botox – What Should I Expect?


Many facilities and medical practices that offer Botox injections often have a nurse perform the treatment.   Not Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis.  He insists on performing all Botox treatments on his patients himself, and the procedure is done right in his office.  A typical procedure takes about 15 minutes, with mild discomfort, but well worth the long lasting results.  And the horror stories you have heard about women having Botox injections resulting in the frozen facial expressions of a mannequin?  Those patients are not receiving appropriate treatments, and are most likely having their injections administered by inexperienced medical professionals.  Dr. Krikorian’s patients are treated with the highest respect, given the very highest professional care, and the results are magnificent.


Botox injections are also not as expensive as you’ve probably imagined.  But if the cost is the only thing keeping you from obtaining youthful, glowing skin, then please investigate his convenient financing plan, “CareCredit,” which allows patients to pay for their procedures on a monthly payment plan.  The birthdays are going to keep coming.  But there is no reason you have to have as many wrinkles on your face as you have candles on your cake.  Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis treats both women and men with Botox, and would love to meet you for a consultation anytime you are ready.  You know you’re ready now, so call his office today for that appointment, and start looking forward to those birthdays again.