Do You Regret a Tattoo?


Like many young people, Jake got a tattoo at the ripe old age of nineteen. Naturally, ten years later, he regretted this decision. The tattoo of a tribal design was located on his forearm, just below his elbow. As a nineteen year old about to head off to college, he didn’t think about how his current decisions would affect his future career choices. Now, as an employee at a corporate office, Jake is forced to wear tattoos even in the hottest summer months. His office has a strict ‘no visible tattoos’ policy, and Jake wouldn’t want to violate it anyway- His tattoo was poorly done, unevenly inked, and looks fairly juvenile on a professional adult.


After many years of hiding his embarrassing tattoo, Jake finally decided to have it removed. After much research, Jake decided to visit Dr. Krikorian, in St. Louis.


How Does It Work?

In his first visit to New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center, Jake got a full explanation of how tattoo removal works. Dr. Krikorian explained to him that more than one procedure was usually required to fully remove a tattoo. Dr. Krikorian explained that he would use an Astanza Revolution laser, which can target tattoo ink for removal, without harming skin. The laser would even remove ink embedded deep within the skin. Each session laser treatment directs and destroys the top most layer of ink, fading the tattoo over several sessions.

After looking at Jake’s tattoo, Dr. Krikorian decided on the specific number of treatments he expected Jake would need to complete. Because Jake’s tattoo was one color, he would require less sessions then those who have colorful tattoos. However, because his tattoo was black, Dr. Krikorian explained that it would take several sessions before the tattoo was fully invisible.


The Procedure

Jake was nervous to being his laser tattoo removal treatment. He had heard that it hurt. Upon starting the procedure, Jake was pleasantly surprised to find out that while the procedure hurt, it wasn’t any worse than the pain of receiving the tattoo in the first place. Each of his sessions only lasted at most thirty minutes, not any longer than the time it took to receive the tattoo. Treatment sessions were spaced six weeks apart in order to give his skin time to heal, and during that time Jake found himself admiring how much his tattoo appeared to fade. After each session it was less and less bright, until finally there wasn’t a tattoo at all.

After each treatment, the staff at New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center gave Jake very specific aftercare instructions, to ensure that his skin always healed properly. A few days after his last session, it was as if he’d never had a tattoo at all.

On his way home from his final treatment, Jake went out and bought himself some new short sleeved work shirts, just in time for the summer. He finally was able to wear comfortable clothes and feel comfortable in his own skin.