Don’t Cry Me A Black Eyeliner River

Nikki is a devoted swimmer.  She credits her daily lunch break swims for keeping her 40-year-old body resembling that of a 20-year-old.  But she hates the way she resembles the Bride of Frankenstein every time she gets out of the pool, black smudges and lines all over her face from smeared eye liner and mascara.  She has tried several things to prevent this, but none convenient.  Nikki only has 60 minutes for her lunch break, and 30 minutes of that is spent in the pool doing laps, and in the other 30 minutes she must squeeze in changing from work clothes to swim suit, and back to clothes again, plus the travel time getting to the pool and then back to her office.  So washing off all her makeup before she plunges in the pool, then reapplying it after she was finished with her workout, just didn’t fit in that time frame.  She also tried wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  But it proved extremely difficult to remove at night, often resulting in eyelashes coming off, and all the tugging at the eyes made her worried about getting wrinkles.  She didn’t want to go without wearing makeup every day, as this made her feel self-conscious and vulnerable.  She was exasperated.


One day Nikki noticed a swimmer in the water with her eye liner and mascara looking perfectly un-Bride of Frankenstein, and Nikki’s desperation made her brave enough to approach the woman and ask her secret.  “Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis is my secret!” she told Nikki.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis Offers Permanent Makeup…and Not Just For Swimmers


Nikki’s new friend Kate explained that Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis used “Micropigmentation,” better known as permanent makeup, to create her perfect eyeliner on both her upper and lower lids.  Nikki was stunned at how gorgeous, and natural it looked.  The permanent eye liner “saved her life,” as she put it, she too being an avid swimmer who was constantly short on time but still wanted to look attractive.


Permanent makeup is similar to getting a tattoo, which uses a fast vibrating needle to inject a permanent pigment into  the top layer of skin.  Other than a mild stinging sensation, Kate told Nikki she felt no pain.  Even though there was some slight redness and swelling when the procedure was over, she was thrilled with the results.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis Saves Face


Kate explained that when she first had her eyes “tattooed,” the results appeared darker than she wanted.  But Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis explained this was because of remaining color in her outermost layers of the skin.  But as the upper layers of epidermis shed after a few days during the healing process, new epidermal cells replaced them and the color began to soften and look more natural.


Nikki was convinced, and very excited, and she made an appointment for the procedure right after she finished swimming.  Now, when she breaches the surface of the water, her face looks lovely, and the Bride of Frankenstein was never seen again.