Laser tattoo removal with the Astanza Revolution

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, approximately 45 million Americans have a tattoo. Of these, nearly 20 percent regret getting their tattoo in the first place.  Dr. Raffi Krikorian offers laser tattoo removal at the New Look & Vein Aesthetic Center.

Tattoo removal with the Astanza Revolution

Individuals with an unwanted body design can have their tattoos removed with minimal side effects. Removing a tattoo with a laser entails breaking up the pigment (colors) in the tattoo. This is done using a high-intensity light beam. With the Astanza Revolution laser, removal sessions are fast only lasting about 30 minutes for an average size tattoo.

Factors affecting treatment

The number of treatment sessions and expected results vary depending on the:

  • Size of the tattoo
  • Age of the tattoo
  • Tattoo artist (professional or amateur)
  • Patient’s skin color
  • Depth of the pigment

Removal techniques are tailored to each patient

Dr. Krikorian tailors his removal techniques to meet the needs of each patient. The size and color of a tattoo determines the number of laser removal treatments a patient needs. For complete removal, patients may need as few as 2 treatments or as many as 10.

The removal procedure

The patient receives protective eyewear.

Dr. Krikorian tests the laser to determine which energy level is most effective for removal of the patient’s tattoo.

The laser light is a hand held device. When the laser light is activated, it pulses. Most patients describe the light pulse as the feeling experienced when snapped by a rubber band.

With each treatment, the tattoo becomes progressively lighter.

Directly after each treatment, the patient receives an ice pack.

A patch or bandage protects the treatment area.

The area should remain covered for three to four days following treatment. During this time, Dr. Krikorian advises his patients to gently clean the area using soap and water. Patients need to apply a product to keep the area moist. He recommends a triple antibiotic, petroleum jelly, Aquaphor or vitamin E oil.

At New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center, Dr. Krikorian offers his patients a variety of cosmetic services. These services range from dermal filler procedures to BOTOX to laser tattoo removal. If you have a tattoo that needs to be removed or want to learn more about the other services we offer, contact the New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center today.