Laser Tattoo Removal

Whether it is the name of a former flame, a vibrant tattoo in a visible place, or a stretched tattoo from weight gain, at some point you may decide that you no longer want that tattoo permanently and prominently displayed on your body. While getting a tattoo might have seemed like a good idea at the time, the good news is that your tattoo can be easily and successfully removed through a laser tattoo removal treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Process

Today, removal of a tattoo through a laser is the most convenient, common, and easiest way of ink removal. The sophisticated  laser uses short, quick pulses of light to target the ink under your skin. Because the light is so concentrated, it can break up the ink into very tiny pieces. Your body’s own immune system can essentially remove these small ink fragments.

Each tattoo removal session is relatively short, and can be performed in under 30 minutes (unless the tattoo is larger in size than average). The session includes numbing the area, the laser treatment itself, and bandaging the area following treatment. The numbing agent used may include painkiller injections or a topical anesthetic cream or at the site of the procedure.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Removal of a tattoo through a laser does take time. It requires patient patience and typically takes several treatments to receive the desired effect. The number of treatments vary depending on the tattoo’s ink colors, the age of the tattoo, and scarring. For instance, darker-colored tattoos, like blue and black, may be easier to remove (and require fewer treatments), whereas tattoos that are green or yellow may be more difficult.

In addition, the depth of the person’s tattoo, as well as the patient’s skin color, impacts the length of the tattoo removal process. Because the ink is easier to break down, older tattoos tend to be easier to remove than newer tattoos. Again, though, every tattoo and individual is different.

All-in-all, patients notice that the tattoo becomes more faded with each treatment, and eventually it is no longer visible to the eye. This is because each de-inking session targets the upper-most layer of ink of the skin.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

For many patients, laser tattoo removal is akin to the feeling they had when they first got their tattoo. In other words, it can cause mild discomfort. Aftercare instructions include protecting the area treated for several days while the area self heals.

Rethinking your ink has never been easier. For a consultation to discuss the removal of your tattoo, please give the New Look Vein and Aesthetic Center a call at 314-272-4150