Scarred For Life

All scars tell a story. Whether it’s the appendix you got taken out when it burst, or the scar from lifesaving surgery. Maybe it’s that time your brother pushed you over as a baby, or just a simple error of judgement when cutting a roast – where ever you got it from, it tells a part of your life to anyone who sees it, and serves as a reminder for yourself, almost like chapters in your life. Regardless, not everyone really wants this reminder. For some, they’d rather just get rid of it somehow. Fortunately, Dr. Krikorian heads the New Look Vein and Aesthetics Center in St. Louis, and offers a myriad of cosmetic services for scar tissue and other similar skin blemish removal.


However, not all scars are accidental or undesirable; in many cultures of the world, scars and deliberate and desirable, meant to represent a coming of age or a certain status. Even accidental scars can mean something positive.


Duelling Scars

In early 20th century German and Austrian society, Duelling scars were seen as a badge of honour. This is because of the presence of duelling societies at the time – indicating class and honour. Often, it was the dueller who walked away with the most vicious and obvious scar who was considered the victor, rather than the dueller dealing the wound, as it indicates that he was able to take a blow and stand with courage.


Tribal Scarring

Especially in West African tribes, but also prevalent through the world, scarification was used to indicate milestones in the lives of men and women. Used as a complex way to represent messages about identity, the different scars would emphasize social class, political status or religious roles. For example, the scarring of the female abdomen in some tribes was said to represent the woman’s willingness to be a mother, indicating her ability to tolerate the pain of childbirth. The different markings are all very specific of different groups and similar patterns between different ethnicities may often mean something completely different.


Healing Scars

In some instances, scarification was used to treat different sicknesses. Believing that sicknesses originate in the blood, some groups cut the skin to let blood, and may also add a powder or potion to the wound in the hopes that the blood will be affected and draw the potion through the body.


Whilst there are scars in certain world cultures that are desirable and aesthetically pleasing, to most of us visible ugly scars are a cause for concern, as they often create a constant blemish on our otherwise smooth skin. Dr. Krikorian at the New Look Vein and Aesthetics Center in St. Louis is a medical professional with over a decade of cardio logical experience. Utilising the latest in technology and his wide experience, Dr. Krikorian provides many solutions for the removal or lessening of existing scars and other blemishes, in a clean and professional environment – the New Look Vein and Aesthetics Center really is one of the premier aesthetic medical centres in the St. Louis region.