How Bellafill Can Make a Difference

Bellafill and other cosmetic services can make a significant difference in the way you look and feel about yourself. While aesthetic surgery has its place, many of the newer treatments are minimally invasive and can be performed in a doctor’s office. Here’s some information about some of these new advances, courtesy of Dr. Raffi Krikorian of New Look Vein and Aesthetic Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

What’s Bellafill?

Bellafill is one of the latest developments in aesthetic services, a dermal filler that is made differently than conventional products. Dermal fillers (sometimes called facial fillers) are used to replace the subcutaneous fat that we normally lose as we age. Those areas tend to be where wrinkles and lines develop. Bellafill contains bovine collagen and tiny beads made of a substance called poly methyl methacrylate. The combination stimulates the production of collagen under the skin and smooths and plumps the area where it’s injected.

What is Bellafill Used For?

Like other dermal fillers, Bellafill is used to treat lines and wrinkles. Bellafill is considered a permanent filler and can last for as long as eight to 10 years, unlike other dermal fillers that must be re-injected within a year or so. Approved for the correction of smiles lines (called nasolabial folds in the medical world), Bellafill is also used to treat lines and wrinkles around the eyes, earlobes, chin and other areas. Bellafill can also be used to treat acne scars. Results are immediate and downtime is minimal. Over the next few months, Bellafill stimulates the production of natural collagen, which further improves the appearance.

What About Other Treatments?

Bellafill is only one of a number of cosmetic services Dr. Krikorian offers. For example, Botox (and its “cousins” Dysport and Xeomin) are used to treat wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscle that creates the wrinkle in the first place. Radiesse is used to help solve the problem of sagging skin. Juvederm is another kind of facial filler – it can be used if patients are allergic to one of the components in Bellafill or don’t feel they need long-term wrinkle correction. Latisse is a prescription solution that promotes the growth of eyelashes, making them longer and thicker. It must be used consistently for best results. We also perform laser tattoo removals.

Do I Need Cosmetic Services?

Cosmetic services are generally just that – cosmetic in nature rather than providing functional improvements. However, if you feel at all sensitive about your appearance, they can make a difference. If you work in a field where appearance is a major issue, such as the modeling industry, television or movies, cosmetic procedures can help provide job security or employment opportunities. No one should feel ashamed of trying to look good or to stave off the effects of aging.

Putting your best face forward can increase your confidence and self-esteem. Most of the aesthetic services we offer can be performed in an hour or less in our office. Please contact us for any questions or to schedule an appointment.



Refresh Your Look With Lunch-Hour Cosmetic Services

Think you’ve got to go under the knife to look younger, fresher and more vibrant? Think again. Today’s advances in cosmetic services will allow you to refresh your appearance quickly and painlessly.

In fact, many treatments can be performed during your lunch hour. You’ll be able to return to work and no one will be the wiser that you’ve had Botox or a dermal filler. They’ll just know you look great!

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers smooth out and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your face, neck or hands. Each filler is formulated a little differently so you’ll need to consult with Dr. Krikorian to determine which will meet your unique needs.

Here’s a look at popular dermal fillers that take only a few minutes to perform.


Bellafill fills moderate to deep facial folds and wrinkles. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars and pits that make the skin look bumpy or marred. Bellafil contains microspheres which are made of a biocompatible material that has been used in the cosmetic industry for many years. Bellafill is one of the longer laster dermal fillers. It can last up to five years on nasolabial lines!


Juvederm reduces the lines that appear between your mouth and nose. This filler can also be used to add volume to your lips. Juvederm contains synthetic hyaluronic acid gel which hydrates and fills lines on your face. Results last for up to a year.


Radiesse replenishes your skin’s volume that diminishes over time. The product actually creates an internal support structure for your skin and prompts your body to make new collagen. You’ll look younger and fresher immediately following treatment, and results last for about a year.

What Aesthetic Products are Available?


One of the most popular aesthetic products available today, Botox improves the look of frown lines, laugh lines and other wrinkles. It paralyzes the muscles that cause these lines to appear in the first place. Botox has been used for decades and is one of the most trust and effective ways to look younger and fresher. Results are apparently within four days, and follow-up treatments are usually required in about a year.


Did you know your eyelashes get thinner and lighter as you age? Latisse is an FDA-approved drug that works to make your eyelashes grow thicker, longer and darker. You use the serum at home but a doctor must prescribe it for you.

Don’t think you’ve got to devote lots of time, money and effort into aesthetic surgery in order to look your best. These cosmetic services will revive your appearance quickly and without too much pain to your body or wallet.