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Toenail Fungus Treatment

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Regain the freedom to be barefoot at the beach or to wear sandals in the summer. Toenail fungus is a common problem that can be successfully treated at New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center. Antifungal creams fail to treat the fungus beneath the nail, and oral medications have harsh side effects. Fast, safe, and effective, our Q-switched Astanza Revolution laser penetrates through the infected nail to destroy fungus at the source. The toenail fungus procedure is completely painless and has an exceptionally high success rate – 85% of patients only need one treatment. Love your feet again. Get laser toenail fungus treatment by Dr. Krikorian & staff at New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center.

The Treatment

The toenail fungus treatment with the Astanza Revolution takes less than 10 minutes per foot and most patients are cured after a single visit. The treatment involves criss-crossing over each nail with pulses of safe laser light. The procedure is completely painless, although you may sense a slight warming sensation in the treated area. After treatment, you will see results as the new nail gradually grows out healthy and clear.
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There are no side effects or downtime after the laser toenail fungus treatment. At your appointment, Dr. Krikorian and his staff will discuss strategies to prevent toenail reinfection – it is important to keep your toes dry and clean so that fungal colonies do not repopulate.

How It Works

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The Astanza Revolution produces strong pulses of energy that can penetrate through the nail bed, where antifungal creams and sprays can’t reach. The laser energy is absorbed by the fungal cells, heating them up, and destroying them. Each laser toenail fungus treatment at New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center is comprehensive, because we treat the entire surface area of each toenail, even if they aren’t visibly infected, to reach all possible areas of fungal infection.