Who Could Use Permanent Cosmetics?


Permanent Cosmetics are becoming a popular choice amongst women who are too active and busy to worry about applying makeup before they leave the house. Take Laurie, for example, Laurie leads a busy and active life. As a mother of two teenaged sons, she is constantly kept busy running them to and from school and other activities. On her weekends, she likes to go hiking or swimming. Not to mention how much she struggles to find time to enjoy with her husband. With all these activities, she barely has time to do her hair, let alone her make up. But Laurie has always prided herself on her appearance, and will not leave the house without a perfectly applied bit of eyeliner. However, as she has gotten older, she has noticed that her eyebrows have begun to thin out. Adding eye brow pencils and gels to her already expensive and time consuming make up routine was just not an option. She had finally had it, and so made an appointment with Dr. Krikorian.


Visit to Dr. Krikorian in St. Louis


When Laurie arrived at Dr. Krikorian’s office, she was impressed by how patiently he explained the procedure to her. Permanent makeup, he told her, is very similar to a tattoo. However, topical anesthetics would be applied to her face, to ease any discomfort, a luxury not afforded those who receive tattoos. Dr. Krikorian worked closely with Laurie to ensure that she got the permanent cosmetics that she desired. At the end of her first appointment, they had worked out a plan to give Laurie permanent eyeliner and eyebrow definition.


The Treatment


Laurie was shocked at how painless and smoothly the procedure went. Once it was done, she had perfectly ‘applied’ eyeliner and much more defined eyebrows. Laurie could barely believe how beautiful her new permanent cosmetics made her look. They looked just like the makeup she applied herself every morning. After a few weeks, the initial vibrant colors softened, giving her a much more subtly refined look. While Dr. Krikorian assured Laurie that she could always get a color enhancement in a few years, she decided she liked the ‘softened’ look.


No More Wasted Time

Now that she never has to worry about applying makeup, Laurie has much more time to dedicate to her family and hobbies. Her favorite result of the procedure, though, is that she can sleep in later now. She doesn’t have to worry about waking up in time to get her make up done. She also has more money. Before the procedure, Laurie never thought about how much money she had spent every year on eyeliner alone. Now every month Laurie has money left over-the money she would have used to buy fresh make up. Instead, she used it for a date with her husband. And this time, she wasn’t late to dinner because she had to make her make up look just right.