Why Do I Need a Prescription for Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA-approved drug that works to make your eyelashes grow thicker, longer and darker. Since it’s a pharmaceutical drug and not an over-the-counter beauty product, it must be prescribed by a medical doctor who oversees your cosmetic services treatment.

Can I get a Latisse prescription?

A licensed medical doctor will need to assess your health and make certain Latisse is safe for you to use. If you’re healthy enough to use Latisse, your doctor will give you a prescription that can be filled at the pharmacy of your choice. Some doctors sell the product from their offices. After using it, you’ll need to be monitored by your doctor who will look for unwanted side effects and gage if the medicine is working as intended.

What about buying it on the internet?

There are probably places where you can purchase Latisse online. However, to be certain you’re getting the true product that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, you’ll need to purchase it at a licensed pharmacy. If you purchase prescription drugs online, it’s possible you won’t receive the actual product. The product you get may not be effective or it could cause damage to your eyes. It’s always best to purchase prescription drugs from a licensed pharmacy instead of taking your chances with a knock off.

How can I get Latisse cheaper?

It’s true that insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of Latisse, and the average cost of a month-supply along with applicators is about $120. But don’t look to save a few bucks by purchasing from an unreliable source. Allegan, the company that manufactures Latisse, offers a customer loyalty program that provides savings for all their products, which include Botox and the dermal filler Juvederm.

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