You Don’t Have to Live with Embarrassing Toenail Fungus


For almost a year, Janet suffered from an embarrassing ailment. Her toenails had become brittle and discolored. The skin around her toes was dry and itchy. She had used fungus creams, but those didn’t work for very long, and her toenails never managed to get back to normal before her feet started itchy again. Janet was too embarrassed to tell anyone, and to hide them always wore close toed shoes. However, with a beach vacation coming up, she began to panic. She wanted to go swimming and wear sandals like her friends, but couldn’t bear the thought of them seeing her toes. Desperate, she finally visited her doctor. Immediately, her doctor recognized her problem as a toenail fungus that had penetrated beneath the nail, where creams and other over the counter treatments couldn’t reach. Her general practitioner sent her to New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center, in St. Louis.


Meeting with Dr. Krikorian


Janet dreaded having to show her feet to another doctor, especially one she had never met. However, once at the New Look Vein & Aesthetic Center, Janet was immediately put at ease. The staff was kind and professional while she waited for Dr. Krikorian. When she finally met him, she was relieved by his kind and professional manner.

Upon viewing her feet, Dr. Krikorian told her that this was in fact a common problem. This immediately eased much of Janet’s embarrassment. She had suffered for months assuming that no one else had feet like hers, but Dr. Krikorian assured her that this was not the case. To give her further relief, Dr. Krikorian told her that only one short laser treatment would be needed to remove the toenail fungus once and for all. The laser, he explained, would send strong pulses of energy that would kill any fungal colonies that had colonized her nail bed.


Fungus No More


The day of her treatment, Janet was again nervous. She was still terrified of showing her feet to people, and almost skipped her appointment. Once there, Janet was relieved to find out that it wouldn’t be a nurse performing the treatment, but Dr. Krikorian himself. The treatment itself only took twenty minutes for both feet, and didn’t hurt at all. As Dr. Krikorian had assured her, Janet only felt a slight warming sensation where the laser light touched her feet. The laser light reached deep into nail bed, killing any fungus that was still there. When she left, Dr. Krikorian gave her strategies to help prevent any fungus was growing on her feet again. Janet learned effective ways to keep her feet clean and dry.


Wearing Sandals Again

Over the next couple of weeks, Janet noticed that as her toenails grew out, they appeared clearer and healthier. By the time her beach vacation came around, Janet was able to wear sandals and go barefoot without any worry or concern. She couldn’t believe she had waited so long to get such a simple treatment.